The thinking behind the G=type Exocet was to create the cheapest and easiest to build kit car in the world.

The Mazda MX5 turned out to be the perfect donor car. A bestselling sports car in its own right, it provides great handling, a bullet proof power plant with many options for upgrades, short shift gearbox, and most important of all, it offered the capability, through the retention of its sub frames and suspension, for MEV’s bespoke tubular chassis to be bolted directly onto them. The only thing wrong with an MX5 is that they are about 50% heavier than the Exocet!

Designed and built to replace the Rocket kit car as it is much easier and cheaper to build. Builders don’t have the daunting task of removing an engine and all the associated parts, or having to use alternative suspension components, it all stays in situ. The builder is merely removing the MX5 monocoque and replacing it with the G=type Exocet chassis. This new approach to kit car building provides a quick, modern, lightweight car based on the ubiquitous MX5.

The MEV Exocet is the lowest cost, easiest to build and fastest selling kit car in the world. It shows off its exoskeleton chassis and minimalist grp panels, it’s a real head turner, a blast to drive.

With its exoskeletal chassis and lightweight grp panels the Exocet boasts a massively improved power to weight ratio as the MX5 is 50% heavier! Buying an MX5 donor is easy, there is plenty of choice and typically a donor can be bought for £200-£500. An MOT failure with a V5 is fine as it is usually the case that the sills have rotted and they are not required.

The added bonus of the use of the MX5 is the demand for parts that you don’t need. Builders finish up with a free donor once they have sold a few spares from the donor. With plenty of help available from MEV and from the very active and helpful MEV Owner’s Forum, you will never be alone when you build a MEV, and once you have completed it, there are plenty of places to go and meet and have some fun with other MEV owners.

The Exocet has a lightweight tubular fully triangulated space frame chassis, built to the highest standard and approved by our structural engineer. Donor cars can be a 1.6 or 1.8 Mk 1 Mk 2 or Mk 2.5 with VVT engine. There are a huge range of upgrades available on the market to tune your ride. Anything from a set of track brake pads to a full blown supercharged kit to boost your 1.8 engine to 250bhp. All MX5’s have front and rear adjustable tracking and camber so you can tune the handling to suit the road or the track. You can also fit aftermarket shock absorbers with adjustable damping and a choice of spring rates and limited slip diffs are available.

If you like the idea of joining in the Exocet race series (known as MX150R’s) we can manufacture an MSA spec roll bar for racing. Standard cars can accommodate drivers from 5’ to 6’3” and there is generous width for large boned drivers too!

The parts retained from the donor car, married together with the Exocet kit will give you everything you need to build your kit except for the lighting set. This means you retain the sub frames, engine, radiator, fuel tank, all the suspension components, steering rack, steering column, brakes, transmission, exhaust system, wiring loom and engine management system, instrument binnacle, gear shift, handbrake and cables, seats and wheels (unless you choose grp ones or buy upgraded wheels).

Your kit will come with a bespoke chassis, alloy floor, front bulkhead panels and front centre tunnel (rear centre tunnel is part of the chassis), PVC side panels and rear bulkheads, grp panels, brake pipe, p clips, edge trim, bolt pack, to secure chassis to sub frames, and rivets for floor. Even self tap screws are included! The parts from the MX5 which you don’t need, for example, doors, boot lid, bonnet, wings, wing mirrors, rear light clusters, soft top etc. can be sold on Ebay and doing this can significantly reduce your final build cost.