About Mills Extreme Vehicles (MEV)

Director Stuart Mills has been a kit car enthusiast and builder for over 40 years. Mills Extreme Vehicles Ltd was incorporated in 2003. Since then he has designed and built 28 kit cars, which prompted a quote from one kit car journalist asking “does the man never sleep?”.

MEV are totally dedicated to their business, and their efforts are spent entirely and exclusively on continued design work and development, manufacturing kit cars and supporting existing builders and owners.

Over the years they have designed and built a variety of kitcar vehicles including the MEV Atomic (exoskeletal four wheel single seat bike engine car), MEVabusa (exobusa, exoskeleton four wheel two seat bike engine car), tR1ke kit (exoskeletal three wheel two seat reverse trike with Yamaha R1 engine), MEV Rocket kit-car (exoskeleton four wheel two seat mid-engine Ford Focus powered car), MEVster (two seat Mazda MX5 powered car), and the massively popular MEV Exocet kitcar.

They now concentrate entirely on their Mazda MX5 based kit, the Exocet. The easiest and lowest cost car to build in the world. MEV was described by one magazine as “the most prolific kit car manufacturer”, Kits are collected from their premises in Mansfield, North Notts every week, heading all over the UK, Ireland and the rest of Europe. In the USA the Exocet is manufactured under licence by Exomotive LLP.

MEV is a highly active and enthusiastic company and you will find them at many car shows, race meetings and track days throughout the year including NEC Autosport International, Stoneleigh Kit Car Show, the huge Silverstone Classic show, the Practical and Classic Renovation Show, and the massive NEC Classic show. Have a look at the “News” page to see where they will be. If there is any anything at all you want to know about any aspect of buying, building, or owning a MEV, please make contact, and have a look at the MEV Owner’s Forum (see the link from our Home Page).

Once you have built your MEV there are lots of meetings and road trips organised by the owners that you can join in with, not forgetting the MEV Owner’s annual get together in July.

Now you’re in this far it’s only a matter of time till you build your own MEV kit car.

Interestingly the design skills of Stuart are not limited to cars, he has also created unique furniture and even a folding bike and also a roller coaster!

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