About Stuart Mills - Director of Mills Extreme Vehicles Ltd, manufacturer of kit cars to build at home

I was born in Nottingham in 1958 and from an early age I developed an interest in mechanical engineering. I was building things throughout my childhood, including a soapbox, a unicycle and a simple electric vehicle using a lorry starter motor.

I spent a lot of my time repairing mopeds and scooters as a teenager. I then went to work with my dad repairing and modifying industrial sewing machines, and began developing garment conveyors, innovative vacuum assisted steam pressing tables and steam generators.

However, the lure of petrol was never far away and in the early 80’s I bought a T bucket body, made a chassis using a Vitesse front suspension, Reliant back axle and an MG Magnette engine and gearbox. Later I developed my grp skills in the marine industry and followed that by building two microlight aircraft.

In a mad moment I flew one to Madrid and back!! I worked on many car projects including commissions for specialist one off vehicles for film and advertising. In 2003 I formed Mills Extreme Vehicles Ltd and since then have dedicated all of my time to designing and manufacturing cars from our base in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire.

Major success took the form of the Rocket which was later replaced with the Exocet as it is much easier to build, better balanced and lower in cost.

Our customers range from the ages of 17 up to 77. Our owner’s group is the fastest growing kit car owner’s group in the world and has a brilliant forum, run by volunteer owners, which is bursting with information about every aspect of building and owning a MEV.


“We decided to select Stuart Mills because of his huge contribution to the kit car industry in recent years with solid, innovative, fun, affordable designs that people clearly want to buy. A very deserving winner”. Steve Hole, Editor Total Kit Car magazine. “Stuart Mills, MEV founder, has taken over the mantle of industry volume seller”. Editor Track Kit and Custom magazine.

About Stuart Mills