It takes only a few hours to remove the body shell, leaving a rolling chassis known as the "skate".

The MEV Exocet is MX5 based with an enormously improved power to weight ratio

Over a million MX5’s have been sold since 1989, they have excellent dynamics and bullet proof reliability. You don’t see them in scrap yards so you can sell the parts you’re not going to use for more than it cost for the whole car! Opt for a 1.6 (120bhp), or 1.8 (131bhp).

MK1, MK2 or 2.5. The best bargains are MOT failures in the autumn. Always lots on Ebay. The sale of the parts you don’t need can make a massive difference to the cost of your Exocet. MX5 spares are always in high demand but sell for higher prices in the spring and summer and fetch more if they are removed, cleaned and have good photos.

Selling your surplus donor parts

We received £1218 for the un-required parts from a car we paid £710 for.

  • Doors sell for - £40 each
  • Front Wings - £45 each
  • Fuel Cap Release - Cable £10
  • Bonnet - £40
  • Bonnet Release Cable - £10
  • Seats - £400 for A1 leather / £150
  • Hard Top - £400
  • Soft Top with Rear Window - £100
  • Bumpers - £70 each
  • Roll Bar Hoops (if fitted) - £80
  • Front Strut Brace (if fitted) - £65
  • Door Glass - £20 each

MX5 the perfect donor vehicle for your kit car