What the media said about Exocet

​A collection of quotes from the world’s car expert media.

Complete Kit Car magazine;

“You would not believe and I mean REALLY not believe how good the Exocet is”

“This car is something of a revelation, it proves that even in this sophisticated car era something so uncomplicated can be brilliant”

Total Kit Car magazine;

“I like it, I love it, I want some more of it!”

“MEV is what the industry should be all about”

“Exocet was definitely the biggest volume-selling kit in the UK again in 2016…”

Performance Publishing;

“small on cost, big on thrills,

“it’s a tour de force”

Kit Car magazine;

“From the very outset you get the impression this is going to be very good. Within half a lap of Curborough, that first impression is confirmed, this is a brilliant car”

“It’s terrific and it’s little wonder the order book is bursting”

The Smoking Tyre;

“dude this thing is so cool, I’m loving every second, it’s not as twitchy as the Atom”

Speed Circuit;

“Do you know anyone that is not trying to die but not trying to live either? This is the car for them, it’s a blast todrive, quicker than hell”

Torque Affair;

” I have never driven anything so fun”

Autocar magazine;

“Everything that’s sweet about the MX5 is even better in this”

“It’s a deceptively quick piece of kit”

Road and Track;

“This Miata-based exoskeleton car is the best value for your open-top-only roadster needs”

“The difference is, the Atom is a mid-engine car, making it a twitchy car to drive. With the more traditional front-engine rear-wheel-drive Exocet it’s more fun than the Atom thanks to its

“Ridiculous, screamy acceleration. The car is light enough to make a standard Miata seem dipped in marshmallow. The tires yell at you through the wheel or the seat whenever the car is sliding, the steering getting light or your spine talking to the rear sidewalls. When the car goes sideways—usually under power—you just ride it out, more throttle. It is concentrated essence of Miata, and if that essence could be distilled into a powder, the car would be badgering you to snort the stuff, like a drug”


“Performance is strong from the naturally aspirated engine with plenty of roll on acceleration and good grunt out of the blocks. The brakes are simply sensational”

“The power to weight of such a car is better than a Ferrari 458, Corvette C6 and many other supercars”


“thanks to a tube frame chassis it weighs less than a pair of large motorcycles. You still keep that same Miata handling and reliability, you just get a lot more speed and grip.

To put it another way, it’s F@#%&*@ epic”


” Exocet is an MX-5-based Trackday Dream: Ariel Atom Thrills for Miata Bills!”


“The Exocet is so light and has such a sensitive throttle that it always wants to go. I was taking off from every stoplight like a bat out of hell. Not because I wanted to, there was just no
other way to drive it. Drivers in a Ford Focus and a Land Cruiser gave me strange looks as I flew past them, screeching tires and all. Everyone looked at me and wondered if I had somehow confused a normal road for a racetrack”

“And after about 50-100 hours of work (depending on your experience level), voila, you have the best toy an auto enthusiast could have”;

“It’s called the Exocet, and like the missile it shares a name with, it hauls ass and destroys some shit”